Mandy & Sandy: the" Twins" are freshman forced to live together in an apartment near the University of Texas. They were big shots in high school, but their dad lost his job and now they're without a therapist.  They  want to kill each other.  'n Shrink A web series about a group of internet addicts and their "shrink" 'n Shrink:   tormented psychiatrist;   Dr. Jerry Giles

The jealous boyfriend of one of his psycho female patients shot out the window of his medical office.  The landlord terminated his lease.
His wife ordered him out of the house when his patient showed up with her bags packed on their doorstep.  
He moves into the garage apartment of some "organic - new age" hippies & gets back "into the groove" by internet counseling a group of web addicted misfits.
'n Shrink, nShrink, in Shrink, inShrink
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    Alex  is a 16 y/o home schooled “Ritalin Ranger” who knows all the positions of the "Kama Sutra,"  yet has never had a date.     Marina's a lonely housewife with a vivacious sexual appetite. She's constantly online surfing for hungry men and really doesn't care about counseling; just another stud in her stable. Renee Brown     Kraig's an unemployed computer game addict with a master's degree. He still lives in his parents basement & lost the last 2 jobs because he can't stay awake at work; he games all night.  He’s in his 30’s and his dad wants him OUT! Irec Hargrove Heather & Heidi Grimm Hunter C. Smith Jenny Keto    Nancy's constantly “hauling” (buying store items and then video posting her  finds on-line).  She's a new UT grad and still has her father’s credit card.  Her “step-monster” is jealous & wants her out!     Dave surfs porn 24/7 because his wife Judy cut him off.  He's on house arrest & sporting a "shocking" ankle bracelet after exposing himself to women in the neighborhood. She spends most of her time scamming for free stuff when she's not yelling at Dave. Sheila Bagir Gene Greenlees     Dr. Jerry has his work cut out for him.  However, this motley crew is just what the doctor ordered.

'n Shrink     Karl's the maintenance guy in the "twins" apartment complex with a peculiar nocturnal neck fetish. Bryan Ballew Spencer Greenwood
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